It was an honor that Ywwf Peshawar was invited as the guest speakers at the first ever literary festival of Quetta, on May 8, 2018.
The sessions started soon after the inauguration ceremony. Thousands of people, men and women were there attending the sessions. The halls were jam packed in every session. QLF was a versatile event in terms of the sessions as well as the speakers and the audience. The diversity in themes ranged from the role of art and literature, exhibitions, book launches and extended to the use of comedy, digital reporting, women empowerment, political awareness and discussions on the narratives and biases.
Neelum Afridi and Kayenat Hameed were there to represent YWWF and to inaugurate a chapter in Quetta. Our founder Bushra Iqbal Malik had given us a chance to explore Quetta and see the potential of the people there especially the young lot, and women in

particular. Our panel discussion was themed around struggles of young writers and the opportunities YWWF provides to the young female writers. The emphasis was upon preserving regional languages and promoting the culture of writing and reading in the young lot. At the end of the session the Audience were allowed to ask questions. A good sign was that young girls were coming after the session to know more about the forum. The enthusiasm those young girls had was fascinating.
The late-night audience was entertained with special treats of poetry and music on both nights. On the first night of QLF the

two-folded multilingual “Mushaira” featured poems in Pashto, Balochi, Hazaragi and Urdu. The first fold included young
poets which included The President of Ywwf Peshawar Neelum Afridi and Kayenat Hameed Khan.