Young Women Writers’ Forum – Peshawar Chapter organised a successful Book Club meet up under the banner of Kafi, Kaghaz aur Kitab on 27 September, 2018.
The formal book discussion last from 2:30pm to 3:58pm in which the following points were covered:
. Title of the book.
. Themes of the book.
. Setting of the novel.
. Significance of the time and setting.
. The plot, story and the language used.
. About the author.
. Purdah and it’s implementation in the pre-partition India.
. Difference of opinion in sects of Islam.
. Poor economic conditions of the women and their dependency on men.
. Problems discussed in the book (social ones) that still exist.
. The “good” and the “bad” feminism.
. The use and misuse of law.
The discussion brought like-minded readers together and proved to be an intellectually- stimulating gathering.