Today, dated 20 March, 2018, Young Women Writers’ Forum’s Peshawar Chapter organised a successful event at Pakistan Study Centre under the name of “Mere Alfaz, Mere Hathyar.” It was the 3rd Women’s Day celebration carried out by the Forum to honour women for their enormous sacrifices and contributions to the society and to highlight the hindrances women face in propelling forwards.
The event began formally by the recitation of Holy Quran by Asma Rasool Peerzada. The proceedings began with a poem “Mein Aurat Hon” by Rizwana.
Chief Guests Dr. Fakhrul Islam, Dr. Jamil Chitrali, Dr. Salma Masood and Dr. Naureen Naseer blessed the audience with words of wisdom and encouragement. While Mr. Muhammad Amir delivered a highly informative session regarding the legal aspects of women harassment and empowered the women in the audience by making them aware of article 509 of the constitution and how it could safeguard them from all kinds of harassment at workplaces. Overseer of Forum, Sidra Amin, President Neelum Afridi and General Secretary Hira Nazir also addressed the audience. The event was hosted by
Kainat Shah who also happened to be the lead organiser along with Mahnoor Hayat and Neelum Afridi. The whole event was photographed by Madeeha Khattak.
The event closed with an “open mic” session where members of cabinet as well as poets from the audience presented mesmerising pieces of poetry that touched every soul. The event was a huge success and served as a befitting tribute to all women of the world holding up half the sky of the world and working side by side with men to make this world a better place to live in.
To add a cherry on the top, the Forum chose this very day to conduct an oath taking ceremony for the new cabinet of 2018. The new cabinet vowed to take the mission of empowering women writers forward and was given a huge round of applause for their aspirations.