Sponsorship for meeting the financial needs

Sponsorship for meeting the financial needs had been sought with great effort and difficulty from different organizations who are promoting similar objectives as of Forum. As there were no funds so the Forum’s regular monthly meetings since the beginning are being held, by rotation at the residences of elected office bearers of the Forum. All the meetings’ expenses had been born by turn by its office bearers. But as the number of its members is growing very fast, it is not very feasible to arrange meetings at residences of its members. Hence there is a dire need for setting up of an independent and a focal place of the Forum.

This can be used for :-

  1. a) Regular monthly meetings,
  2. b) Casual and frequent meetings throughout the month,
  3. c) Trainings, seminars, and workshops for young writers , artists and

young female intellectuals.

  1.   d) Organizing of “Mushairas” of local and national poets and poetesses.
  2.   e) Printing of quarterly Newsletter for raising awareness and promoting writers and artists . This focal place would have an adjacent Library, where books and other reading material, along with books of the writers of the Forum would be placed for

the benefit of all members and where we can promote  genuine talent of

                              a girl and a women in friendly and respectful environment.