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8 March,1994

The women writers’ forum started literary activities with this Program.

A good number of educated women usually become “intellectually inactive” after completing their education and getting married. Therefore their intellectual contribution towards society becomes nil. Unfortunately our society generally discourages women to contribute towards any literary cause; thus converting them to a “dormant housewife”. This is corroborated by the absence of a suitable platform to support and encourage women to continue their creative expressions. There was a dire need of a platform, which would provide regular and equal opportunities to semi and highly educated women as well as housewives to meet, share, discuss and reflect on minor and major issues concerning their creative work and social problems of the country. Forum launched a programme to get out the information from old magazines and news papers and make a list of the female writers who were active in their youth and bring them back.

With this programme Forum discovered many writers who are now again famous and active Urdu , hindko and pashto writers. Few names :

Narjis afroz zaidi , Shamshad nazli , Sofia , Shamim fzalikhaliq ,Atiya hidayatullah and Bushra farrukh.

Forum has provided to, more then 30 female writers and poetesses, a prominent projection of their creative works by arranging lunching ceremonious for their publications .

Creative Writing Workshop, March 18 – 22, 2008

This workshop was planned by Pak Women Writers Forum, Peshawar financed by Heinrich –Boell Foundation Germany and facilited by University of Peshawar and University of Erfurt Germany .

A five days training workshop was held at the sanet Hall of the Peshawar University. It was attended by 35 participants.

Training workshops were in 8 sessions conducted by 8 prominent local, national and international trainers including Ms. Kishwar Naheed and Amjad Islam Amjad .

The trainers used a variety of teaching methods including lectures, group work, case studies, role play during the training.

The changing role of social media in Muslim countries:
Reviewing curricular trends of communication studies in Pakistan.
2011, 2012 ,2013, 2014.
Forum got an opportunity to be a part of Social Media Workshop and also the cooperation project as a whole through the founder Ms.Bushra Iqbal because she was teaching in Erfurt University. The Chair of Islamic Studies at the University of Erfurt with the cooperation of University of Peshawar and International Islamic university of Islamabad engaged Pakistan Women writers as civil society partner for a number of activities. These include of course the review of the changing role of social media in Muslim countries, particularly focusing on women and literature.

For these three years Pwwf has engaged its Branches of Young Women Writers’ forum, Peshawar and Islamabad.

Since its anticipation Forum has started arranging big traditional poetry reading gatherings, and every year two big and many small gatherings are in routine.

First ever women Mushaira was held on 8th of March 1994 in Women Development Centre Peshawar.
Every year all Pakistan Women Mushairas .
Grand Mushaira 2014
was organized by Pakistan Women Writers Forum and Young Women Writers Forum, Peshawar in collaboration with Sight Savers International and National Forum for Women with Disabilities. The Chief Organizer of the occasion was Ms. Bushra Farrukh who is a renowned poet of Pakistan and the Former President of PWWF. Numerous extraordinary writers made their presence at the occasion.

Ms. Salma Shaheen, head of Pashto academy and an esteemed Pashto Poet, was the Chief guest of the extravaganza. Dr. Salma Masood(Director LIMS, Peshawar), Ms. Samina Qadir who is a regarded Poet and Ms. Munazza Gillani, Country Director, Sight Savers, were the Guest of Honors. The theme of occasion was to advance Urdu Literature among the youth and to provide them a platform to perform before the known artists of Pakistan. Ms. Marina Mahsud(President YWWF 2015), Ms. Saima Feroz(Gen. Secretary YWWF, 2015), Ms. Sidra Amin(Press Secretary, YWWF) and Ms. Neelum Afridi(Stage Secretary, YWWF) were also a part of the organizing committee from YWWF.
The occasion began with recitation of Quran, took after by naat. At that point Ms. Masood gave a brief introduction of PWWF and YWWF. After that Ms. Farrukh welcomed over the disabled talented poets to present their verses. These special poets thanked the gathering for issuing them an opportunity to present their musings and admired the forum’s initiative.
Ms. Farrukh welcomed poets from Pakistan Women Writers Forum and Young Women Writers Forum to recite some of their verses from Urdu. Ms. Qadir, Ms. Salma Qasir, Dr. Shahida Sardar, Ms. Sarah Gillani, Ms. Farah Asad from PWWF while Ms. Mahsud and Ms. Taskeen Rehman from YWWF read their work and were applauded by the audience.
At the end, Ms.Shaheen paid her gratitude to the gathering and admired the endeavours of YWWF to promote Urdu Literature.

“On 3rd December, 2014, YWWF, PWWF(the mother forum of YWWF), Sight savers and National forum for women with disabilities signed an MoU in Ramada hotel, Islamabad, which stated that these organizations will work together in the year 2015 to ensure the participation of the disabled women in literature and helping them in the art of learning. This MoU was signed by Dr. Sarah B Gillani from PWWF, Mrs. Munazza Gillani from Sight Savers and Ms. Abia Akram from NFWWD in the presence of Ms. Samina Qadir and Dr. Shahida from PWWF and Ms. Sidra Amin and Ms. Shabiha Zainab from YWWF. Along this, Dr. Gillani, Mrs. Gillani and Ms Akram shared about their respective organizations. Dr. Gillani’s speech comprised of the introduction of the forum and how it is working for the empowerment of women writers’ as well as in assurance of learning of literature in the presence of senior writers’ of the forum. She stated that the forum is the brainchild of Mrs. Bushra Iqbal Malik, who in collaboration with her friends and colleagues laid its foundation in 1994. She added that the forum has provided a platform and innumerable opportunities to the women writers’ from all over Pakistan to prove their skills as well as learn about the literature in the presence of many learnt writers’ so they can express themselves in the best ways possible. Dr. Gillani shared about the events that were arranged by PWWF along with the work plan of PWWF and YWWF for the coming year which includes debates, short story writing competitions and also, two events to honor young inspirational women namely, Malala Yousafzai, who’s a renowned person working for the education as well as Laila Gul, who, despite of being blind, published two of her poetry books and proved that women are no less in any field no matter how less the opportunities provided are.”