An Urdu Taqti Workshop was arranged on 7th-8th January, 2015 by Young Women Writers Forum in Ladies Club, Peshawar. The workshop was honored by the presence of literary personalities like Professor Dr. Tabassum, who’s a renowned Urdu and Hindko poet and was also rewarded with Tamgha-e-Imtiaz recently, along with President Pakistan Women Writer’s forum, Mrs. Samina Sardar, Mrs. Salma Kasir and also Mrs. Attiya Hidayatullah who are Pashto and Urdu poets. The workshop started with Qirat of some verses of Surah Fatiha by Ms. Arfa Noor, followed with a brief introduction of Dr. Tabassum by Mrs. Kasir. Dr Tabassum taught different techniques of writing Urdu poetry to the participants of workshop. He defined the difference between prose and poetry in a very beautiful manner and then explained different types of “nazam” and “ghazal”. He enlightened the participants with his immense knowledge about the art of writing Urdu poetry and shared the verses of poems including poems by Allama Iqbal, Insha, Ahmed Faraz and Faiz Ahmed Faiz. Dr. Tabassum also encouraged the participants of the workshop to write and share their poetry and appreciated everyone. The workshop was concluded after Mrs. Qadir and Mrs. Kasir shared their remarkable pieces of poetry and Dr. Tabassum recited some of the verses from his poems. Certificates were awarded to all the participants.




On Sunday, March 8, 2015, Young Women Writers’ Forum celebrated International Women’s day and Oath taking ceremony of Cabinet, 2015 of YWWF. The ceremony took place in the presence of Chief guest Professor. Dr. Abdul Rauf from Political Science, University of Peshawar, Guest of Honor, Dr. Salma Masood and many other honorable personalities including Dr.Nazeer Tabassum,, Ms. Samina Qadir(President PWWF), Dr. Sarah B Gillani(President YWWF Islamabad), Ms Atya Hidayatullah, Ms. Bushra Farrukh(Former Presidents of PWWF) and Mr. and Mrs. Professor. Javed Iqbal.

The event celebrated women empowerment and raising awareness through literature. The newly elected cabinet of YWWF that consists of President Ms. Marina K Mahsud, Vice President Ms. Maidah Arshad, General Secretary Ms. Saima Feroz, Press Secretary Ms. Sidra. Amin, Finance Secretary Ms. Namra Rauf and Stage Secretary Ms. Neelum Afridi took the oath of devoting themselves fully to YWWF. The writers’ also shared some of their remarkable poems about women. Badges were given along with certificates to the aforementioned cabinet members.


Talent hunt’15


Talent hunt’15 was arranged by Young Women Writers’ Forum, Peshawar. It comprised of many competitions including Article writing, Essay writing, Short Story writing and poetry writing. All of these competitions were judged by esteemed professors of Peshawar. Article writing was checked by Mr. Sami Raza, Essay writing by Ms. Rubina Rehman, Poetry by Ms. Tabasuum Javaid and Mr. Riaz Hussain and Short story writing by Ms. Gulandam Farhat. The competition was followed by an Award distribution ceremony at the Pukhtoon Cultural museum hall, University of Peshawar. The life of the event was the Vice Chancellor of University of Peshawar, Dr. Rasool Jan, who made his presence at the ceremony along with Dr. Salma Masood, Ms. Salma Kasir and Mr. Amad. They celebrated the birthday of forum and then awarded all of the winners with prizes.


Article writing:

Marina Mahsud. (1st), Zahra Akbar. (2nd), Maryam Shah (3rd)

Short Story Writing:

Saima Feroz. (1st), Saniya Sadullah Khan. (2nd), Neelum Afridi. (3rd), Marina Mahsud. (3rd), Emerald Fille (3rd)

Poetry Writing:

Duaa Mujeeb. (1st), Neelum Afridi. (2nd), Hira Nazir. (3rd)

Essay writing:

Aruba Zafar. (1st), Neelum Afridi. (2nd), Hira Nazir. (3rd)