Founding Members of YWWF, Peshawar:
Ms. Bushra Iqbal Malik- Founder

Literature & Journalism (Masters Degrees) and B.Ed. from University of Peshawar, Pakistan.


  • Lecturer of Urdu Language, University of Bonn Germany Conduct
  • Urdu Summer Course at Universities of Erfurt and Heidelberg Germany Columnist.
  • Roznama Aaj, Peshawar Pakistan and Roznama Pakistan, Karachi, Pakistan.
    Roznama Chuthi Dunya, New Delhi. India.
  • Founder of Friends of Literature Literary circle Bonn Germany.
  • Collection of short-stories: Hayat-e nau-yaftah (Peshawar 2008).
  • Drama serial of 15 episodes: Inhi patharoon pay chal kay, broadcasted by Pakistan
  • Television (PTV I) (2000)
  • Anarkali (Tragic romances of India) Dance Theater Frankfurt, Germany.
  • Heer Ranjjha (Tragic romances of Punjab) Dance Theater Frankfurt Germany.

    Dr. Salma Masood Khan - Co.Founder
    Affiliated with Forum: Since 1994
    Professional Profile:

    • Trainer at the British council of Pakistan
    • Permanent Resource Person (Trainer) FEFA- Academy for the training of Public
    • Sector Lecturers and Principals.
    • Freelance Workshops and Trainings Conductor.
    • Patron in Chief “Kirnain”( Free Girls- Education Project)
    • Active Social worker with a special focus on Education of women and Children

    Executive Founder Members:
    Mrs. Narjis Afroze Zaidi
    Affiliated with Forum: Founder Member (1994)
    Professional Profile:
    • Famous Poetess of Pakistan, with three Collections (Urdu)
    • Winner of best Poetess award.

    Mrs. Bushra Farrukh
    Affiliated with Forum: Member since 1996
    Professional Profile:
    • Famous Poetess, with three Collections (Urdu)
    • Drama writer
    • TV Drama producer
    • TV Artist
    • Stage, TV and radio compare Urdu and Hindku
    • Compere of Literary Programs. Urdu and Hindku
    • Winner of best Poetess award.

    Dr. Syeda Sara Basharat Gillani
    Affiliated with Forum: since 2001
    Professional Profile:-
    BDS (PK), MPH (PK), MSc DPH (UK), PhD Public Health 2015 – (PK)

Cabinet memebers


President: Ms. Faiza Hussain

Vice President: Saima feroz, University of Peshawar

General Secretary: Urooj Sadiq, Jinnah College for Women, Peshawar

Joint Secretary: Maheen, HomeEconomics college, Peshawar

IT coordinator: Ayesha javaid, Khyber Medical College, Peshawar

Finance Secretary: Sundas miraj, Frontier college for women, Peshawar

President: Ms. Marina Mahnsud

Vice President: Ms. Maidah Arshad

General Secretary: Ms. Saima Feroze

Stage Secretary: Ms. Neelam Afridi

Finance Secretary: Ms. Namra Rauf

Press Secretary: Ms. Sidra Amin

IT Secretary: Ms. Mahnoor Hayat

Head of Representatives: Ms. Hira Nazir


Ms. Sidra Amin

 B.Sc mechatronics engineering, uet peshawar

 Pioneer of Spoken word in KPK.

 Contributor at Us Magazine.

 CEO Ensnare Magazine, Founder of words and metaphors and co founder at daastan

 Published poet and writer


Ms. Spogmai Ali Khattak

 B.Sc English literature and applied linguistics, university of Peshawar.

 Blogger and Poet of Pushto, English & Urdu language.

 Mentor


Ms. Neelam Afridi

 Published Poet, Debater, Essayist and a Public Speaker.

 Blogger and owns a blog and Facebook page by the name of “The Nightingale”.

 Entrepreneur and owns an online business by the name SHOPMANIA.

 Vice President, Youth Spirit Organization.

 Regular writer at Us Magazine, The New International.

General Secretary

Ms. Kainaat Shah

 LLB at Khyber Law College, Peshawar.

 Published Short Story writer and poet.

 Mentor and trainer

Press Secretary

Ms. Arfa Noor

 Poet of Pushto language

 Graduate of English literature from NUML

 Trainer

Stage Secretary

Ms. Hira Nazir

 B.Ds Sradar Begum medical college, Peshawar

 Published poet

 Debater, public speaker, trainer and mentor

 Contributor at US magazine, the news international

Finance Secretary

Ms. Sana Rahim

 B.Sc Software engineering, city university of science and technology, Peshawar

 Short story writer

IT Secretary

Ms. Mahnoor Hayat

B.Sc Mechatronics Engineering, University of Engineering and Technology, Peshawarr.

 Member American Society of Mechanical Engineers, A.S.M.E, International Chapter.

 Member Women in Engineering, International Chapter.

 Member of ASME, Student section.

Head of Representatives

Ms. Hamna Akram

 LLB, Khyber Law college, Peshawar

Overseer:Ms. Sidra Amin
President:Ms. Neelum Afridi
Vice President:Ms. Mahnoor Hayat
General Secretary:Ms. Hira Nazir
Stage secretary:Ms. Kainaat Shah
Press secretary:Ms. Asma Rasool Peerzada
Finance secretary:Ms. Neelam Akbar
IT secretary:Ms. Marfooah Sabereen
Committee organizer:Ms. Kainaat Hameed
Marketing Secretary:Ms. Arpha Noor


Young Women Writers Peshawar Cabinet Activities Report